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EPI valve Texas does pipeline field service work, &
power plant valve maintenance work

  • Gate valves parallel slide pressure seal bonnet
  • Globe valves
  • Control valves including Fisher, CCI, and others
  • Stop check valves pressure seal bonnet
  • Electric actuators
  • Pneumatic actuators we can repair most brands
  • We can tube up actuators mount limit switches
  • We have an EFCO machine to grind and lap seats in valves up to 18′

Gas Motor Actuator Control UP-GRADE


The “Gas Motor Actuator Control UP-GRADE” package utilizes hi-pressure poppet type selector valve technology to provide reliable, control of gas motor actuators.

The standard local “auto-manual” control consists of a poppet type selector valve and two limit valves. The poppet valve directly stops gas flow through the motor as opposed to operating a spool-type selector valve. This design provides quick, positive shut-off of the actuator to eliminate excessive torque on the valve and the waste of valuable gas.

The CERTUS poppet valve design to provide a compact, easy to use, local control of the valve. In addition, all the proven control packages, such as, Remote Electric, Automatic Station Bypass, and Line Break control modules can be provided for operation with the “Gas Motor Actuator Control UP-GRADE.


A full-service production and repair shop for all your actuator needs. We provide support for turnarounds, projects, field repairs, and shop repairs. We offer new, reconditioned and repaired actuators.




full-time service technicians, we work hard to keep your down-time to a minimum with prompt same day and next day service. We also offer customized preventative maintenance programs to meet your maintenance needs.

  • ON CALL 24/7

On-site repair, retrofits, start-up and commissioning services, stem extensions, valve modifications, and actuation replacements.

We can diagnose and repair all your valve and actuation problems for all types of valves (gate:
wedge, slab, expanding; globe, ball, check, butterfly and plug).

Thanks very much for your interest in working with EPI Valves Texas LLC. EPI is a complete valve manufacturing and repair facility with all the necessary capabilities to support your efforts. We repair valves in our shop or at our customers location depending on the circumstances. We have six experienced technicians that can work in the shop and three that can perform field service. We have two service trucks fully equipped to support our field service efforts and a machine to do seats and machining on valves in line. We work all over the United States and Internationally to support our customer base

EPI is a manufacturer of new through conduit parallel expanding gates and through conduit slab gate valves. We also supply many other types of valves to the customer through our distribution channels. We support all types of valves and actuators. We are a complete repair facility for all types of valves and actuators. We are certified by API for Pipeline Gate Valves according to standard API 6D. We also operate according to the API Q1 Quality system.

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Seal & Repair Kits
  • Actuator Seal Kits 

  • Piston Rod Replacement Shaft 17-4 Stainless Steel

  • Major & Minor Seal Kits 

  • Switch Replacement: Electric & Pneumatic 

  • Poppet Control Valves

  • End of Stroke Valve

  • Hydraulic Hand Pumps


  • Valve actuator that stores its own power and allows for the remote wireless control of the valve 

  • Ideal for use in applications where power is not available or is unreliable

  • Self contained system guarantees multiple operations of the actuator 

  •  Has minimal tubing which reduces leakage points and makes it virtually zero-leakage 

  •  Modular design allows for future upgrades

  •  For linear and quarter-turn valves


Rate of Drop Test Kit is user friendly and an accurate way to test differential trip settings and pressure drop. In addition, the test kit is universal in application for EIM, Shafer, BIFFI and Bettis controls.